My Fleet Central

Your central management hub to monitor drivers, manage vehicles, and improve your operation.


Our Mission

My Fleet Central’s mission is to modernize operational management for the commercial transportation industry.

Turn Data into Action

The Dashboard

How It Works

We work with you to compile and analyze key data about your operation to bring you real-time driver assessment, safety strategies, targeted training solutions, and more.

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Terminal Management

Do you know what’s happening in each of your terminals?


My Fleet Central provides an easy way for terminal managers to oversee day-to-day operations while allowing managers and owners the ability to see all company data.

Comprehensive Reporting To Monitor Your Operation

My Fleet Central Monitors Your Operation and Provides Insight

Regular Reporting

Count on regular reports for your entire operation with unacceptable risk identification and tactical strategies for improvement.

Critical Alerts

Receive alerts as soon as a crash is recorded or a driver moves into an unacceptable risk category.

Strategic Partners

Data is only one part of the process. We understand that ongoing support and strategy is critical for driving real improvements.

My Fleet Central is not just a dashboard.

It's a partnership

Our Process

Phase 1

Gather Data

We’ll work with you to compile as much data as possible for your operation. We’ll also identify any gaps and make a plan to close them.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Initial Assessment

Once the data has been compiled, we’ll provide a comprehensive report of all drivers, overall operations, and a plan of action.

Phase 2

Phase 3

Monitor, Report, Plan

We’ll continue to monitor your operation, provide regular reporting and critical alerts, and offer strategic guidance for improvement.

Phase 3

Optional Program Enhancements

Targeted Training

When an accident or violation is reported, we’ll provide you with training tailored to the specific infraction.

Plus, unlock an entire training library for your entire operation.

Compliance Review Support

Management and guidance through entire compliance review including producing documentation, contacting personnel, communicating with FMCSA officer, and any required follow up tasks. Ensures compliance review deadlines are met.


My Fleet Central is a single hub for all operational needs. We offer custom built solutions for vehicle maintenance, employee handbooks, payroll timekeeping, and more — all within a single portal.

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